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AM Foam provides a thick blanket of cleaning power. Applied through a foam lance, it clings to the vehicle giving a prolonged deep clean. Its highly concentrated and wax safe formula breaks down dirt particles, reducing the need for contact washing which in turn, will reduce the risk of swirls or damage to your vehicle.  

With a dilution ratio of 100:1 this is a very economical product and is also ideal to use when carrying out a quick valet.



Allow time for the product to work (5 - 20 minutes) then rinse with a pressure washer. We put roughly 1 " of product in our 1-liter foam lance bottle. Adjust the regulator on the foam lance to give the desired spray effect.

Not suitable for matte finished cars

Detailing Tips:

When rinsing your vehicle after you have given AM Foam time to work, always start from the bottom and work your way up. This will reduce the likelihood of you missing a spot in case the foam has already run off the vehicle.  

To save time why not try cleaning your wheels with AM Wheels - Acid Free Wheel Cleaner while AM Foam is at work on your paintwork?

AM Foam - Wax Safe Snow Foam

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