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A powerful and fast-acting paint cleaner, Insect Remover safely eliminates insect remains, bird droppings and other stubborn contaminants from your vehicle's surface with ease. While some insect removal techniques involve harsh solvents or abrasives that may damage your vehicle's paintwork if used incorrectly, Dr. Beasley's Insect Remover is safe to use, and doesn't require harsh abrasives to get the job done. Sometimes a car wash just isn't enough - be prepared and pick up Insect Remover today!




Why Insect Remover?

You know Insect Remover is a strong spot cleaner for your car's paint. But what makes it so effective?


Cuts Through Tough Contaminants 

In climates where insects run rampant, bug splats on your car's paint is a fact of life. Same goes for bird droppings, road tar, sap, you name it. Yet often times your average car wash won't even make a dent in contaminants like these. In cases like that, you need the power of Insect Remover. Using a concentrated, proprietary blend of highly effective ingredients, it lifts and eliminates stubborn gunk to remove them from your surface entirely. Don't let the acidic insect guts etch your paint - get them fast with Insect Remover!


Safe On Paint

Look around online for advice on how to remove embedded insect remains and you may run into people recommending harsh solvents like acetone or paint thinner. They may get the job done, sure, but you'd better be careful - too much of these chemicals and you could etch right into the clear coat. Insect Remover makes taking care of stubborn contaminants a risk-free endeavor - with it's gentle yet powerful formula, you can be sure your paint is safe, no matter how much you use.


How Does It Work?

Insect Remover works by clinging to the insect remains or other contaminants, breaking them down at the chemical level. After a minute or two, you can then wipe down and remove the contaminant.  For lasting protection against bug remains and environmental contaminants, apply Dr Beasley's Bug Barrier after using Insect Remover.


1. Rinse surface thoroughly.
2. Shake well and spray directly on the area.
3. rinse off the vehicle with water.
*Do not apply to hot or newly painted surfaces.*
Do not let dry on surface.

For maximum results after use, wash the car with Premium Body wash to ensure that all residues are gone. Follow with Bug Barrier for lasting protection.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.



Dr. Beasley's Insect Remover

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