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Lithium Auto Elixirs

16 Ounces of BAM!

Color Crush is a huge leap forward. When it comes to bending light in an unbelievable reflection, then keeping it that way, "short term shines" are a dime a dozen. Finishes that blow your mind and last for weeks only come from fusing the very purest SiO2 with Active Polymers. Color Crush keeps your paint clean and healthy - and healthy paint always shines. Use Color Crush right after washing while the surface still has water on it and buff as you dry, or use it as a waterless touchup, or as a pre-show rub down. Any way you use Color Crush, your car will look incredible.

Directions: Once your paint is prepared or washed, spray Color Crush on a cool clean surface in about a three square foot area. Buff to a chronic shine with a clean microfiber towel. If your vehicle's paint has not seen any love in awhile, a couple of coats won't hurt.

Lithium Color Crush

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