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Dr Beasley's

Dr. Beasley's Salt Chisel breaks down salt stains on carpeting & upholstery so they can be easily removed. Restores texture and appearance to even heavily salted carpeting.


  • Gets Rid Of Salty Carpet Stains: formulated to target salt and break it down at the chemical level, making stains easier to remove.
  • Restores Soft Texture To Upholstery: brings back softness to carpeting and upholstery as salt stains are removed from the fabric.
  • Leaves No Trace After Cleaning: lifts out every last bit of salt to ensure a spotless surface after removing stains.
  • Must-Have For The Winter Months: Salt Chisel obliterates road salt stains to restore mats and seats to their original appearance.
  • Pro-Level Results: we created Salt Chisel with detailing pros in mind, so you’re getting a professional-style product that real detailers use everyday.
  • Works Right Before Your Eyes: once Salt Chisel hits a sodium-based stain, you instantly start seeing it going to work, foaming as it dissolves the salt for fast and easy removal.

  • Spray on to salt contaminated carpeting or upholstery, saturating the material.
  • Allow product to break down salt.
  • If needed, brush material to release salt content.
  • Using a fresh microfiber towel, wipe away remaining excess.

Dr. Beasley's Salt Chisel

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