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Glass IQ cleans glass & protects it with a water and smudge-repellent barrier. Removes light contamination like dust and fingerprints while leaving behind a layer of hydrophobic protection that beads off water and resists smudging.


Cleans Glass & Adds Layer of Protection

After it’s cleaned your glass, Glass IQ leaves behind a water & smudge resistant layer of protection.


Repels Water and Resists Smudging

Glass IQ’s protection is not only hydrophobic to bead off water; it also resists smudges for easy cleaning.


Compatible With Interior and Exterior Glass

Once you’ve got Glass IQ on the windshield, jump inside and protect the interior glass, too!


Use It On Your Phone, Tablet, or Console Screen

Glass IQ is 100% compatible with LCD and touch screens making it a perfect choice for phones and other screens.


Restores & Enhances Clarity

Give glass that extra “pop” with Glass IQ’s clarity enhancing formulation.


Simple Spray & Wipe Application

Just spray a glass surface, let sit for a moment then wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth.


How Does It Work?

When applied to a glass surface, Glass IQ lifts out and removes loose contamination to restore clarity. After cleaning, a temporary layer of hydrophobic protection is left on the glass.

1.Lightly mist Glass IQ onto the glass surface. For larger surface areas, additional sprays may be need to achieve full coverage.
2. Let sit for a moment, then remove excess with a clean microfiber towel.
3. Reapply as needed to restore protective properties.


Dr. Beasley's Suggests

For use only on light contamination. For heavier contamination, try AM Glass - Crystal Clean Glass Cleaner.

Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Do not allow product to dry on surface.

In areas where overspray may occur, spray Glass IQ on the towel first and then wipe it onto the surface. Wipe it off with a separate towel.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first to check for surface compatibility.

Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ

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