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A durable, invisible shield for faux suede surfaces, Microsuede Protection repels liquids to prevent staining while blocking contaminants from embedding in the surface. Rather than needing to reapply Dr Beasley's Microsuede Cleanser Microsuede Spot Remover every time a blemish or stain appears in your car's interior, use Dr. Beasley's Microsuede Protection to protect against those blemishes or stains appearing at all. If you want your microsuede to last as long as possible, you'll want to get a bottle today. 

  • Repels liquids to prevent staining
  • Blocks contaminants from embedding
  • Works on all faux suedes, including Alcantara, Dinamica, Ultrasuede
  • Preserves look and feel of fabric



Why Microsuede Protection?

Microsuede Protection is a highly durable protective coating for Dinamica, Ultrasuede, Alcantara and other faux suedes. But how does this protection work?


Prevent Staining and Embedding

Getting a stain out of microsuede isn’t easy, and removing embedded contaminants like dirt and dust is even harder. To stop them from penetrating your faux suede in the first place, you’ll want to have a coating of Microsuede Protection shielding it. Microsuede Protection’s highly durable barrier blocks contaminants from entering the surface of your faux suede, ensuring nothing will discolor or stain.


Make Cleaning Easy

Even with something as powerful as Microsuede Cleanser, stubborn stains and embedded grime can take multiple applications to remove from faux suedes. But with a coating of Microsuede Protection applied, cleaning gets a whole lot easier. Microsuede Protection's hydrophobic coating repels liquids, beading them on top so you can get a clean surface with just a spray and a wipe. Cleaning dirt and grime gets easier, too, since Microsuede Protection's shield blocks them from getting embedded into the surface. With Microsuede Protection, cleaning doesn't need to be a chore. 


Maintain Your Microsuede's Look and Feel

All this talk of a protective barrier over your microsuede may have you worried this product will alter its look and feel. Thankfully, Microsuede’s barrier is both invisible and flexible so your surfaces will stay looking and feeling like new. But that's not the only thinking keeping your faux suede soft - because Microsuede Protection's easy cleaning saves you from heavy-duty scrubbing, you'll never have to worry about roughing up your fabric while cleaning. 


How Does It Work?

Microsuede Protection works by forming a razor-thin, invisible barrier over your faux suede’s surface. To ensure total coverage, Microsuede Protection's application requires brushing your faux suede's fibers into in one direction, applying and letting dry, then brushing in the opposite direction to apply once again. Once it forms a cross-linked bond with the surface, it lowers your microsuede’s surface energy to give it hydrophobic properties, repelling liquids so they bead on top. To properly cure, Dr. Beasley's recommends 24-48 hours of undisturbed drying time.

1. Using an interior cleaning brush, push microsuede fibers in one direction.
2. Spray Microsuede Protection. Do not soak the fabric.
3. Allow approximately 10 minutes for sprayed area to dry.
4. Again using the interior brush, push microsuede fibers in opposite direction.
5. Spray Microsuede Protection, again making sure to not soak fabric.
6. Allow microsuede 24-48 hours to dry undisturbed for optimal protection.


Additional Tips

Do not allow this product to freeze. 

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

Dr. Beasley's Microsuede Protection

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