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A super-powerful brake dust cleaner, Dr. Beasley's Intensive Brake Dust Remover clings to your wheels to eliminate brake dust without the need for harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing. Don't let brake dust etch and pit your wheels - pick up a bottle of Intensive Brake Dust Remover today! 


  • Easily removes brake dust
  • Clings to surface to maximize effectiveness and reduce waste
  • Stops brake dust from etching and corroding wheels

Why Intensive Brake Dust Remover?

Intensive Brake Dust Remover is a powerful cleaner designed to eliminate brake dust. But what makes it so great?

Destroy Stubborn Brake Dust 

Fresh brake dust on your wheels is easy to get off. It's when you let it sit around for a while that it gets impossible to remove. That's because it embeds in your wheels, ultimately leading to irreversible pitting and rusting. To stop this from happening to you, you’ll need the power of Dr. Beasley’s Intensive Brake Dust Remover. Formulated to dissolve brake dust at the chemical level, it loosens the contaminant from the surface, allowing it to dissipate with a quick wipe down. No harsh chemicals needed – just the power of Dr. Beasley’s. 

No Elbow Grease Required

If you’re trying to clean off embedded brake dust with a conventional cleaner, you’re going to be doing a lot of heavy scrubbing. To save you the work, we formulated Intensive Brake Dust Remover to be powerful enough to eliminate brake dust on its own. Just spray on, agitate, wipe and rinse – Intensive Brake Dust Remover will take care of the rest, since it’s designed to rip brake dust apart at the chemical level.

Clings For Maximum Coverage and Zero Waste

When you’re spending good money to get a quality brake dust cleaner, you don’t want to see it drip off onto the ground the second you apply. That’s why we formulated Intensive Brake Dust Remover with a high cling, low drip consistency. It attaches itself to your wheels, ensuring it makes optimal contact with the brake dust and won’t rinse off onto the ground.

How Does It Work?

When applied and agitated, Intensive Brake Dust Remover works by dissolving brake dust at the chemical level, breaking it down so it can be removed with a simple rinse. 

1. Shake well.
2. Spray directly from bottom up to prevent drip marks.
3. Clean immediately with Wheel Woolies Wheel Cleaning Brush or Little EZ Wheel Brush
4. Rinse with water.


Additional Tips

For excessively dirty wheels, agitate surface with a sponge or soft cloth before rinsing.
For maximum results, protect with a wheel coating such as CARPRO CQuartz DLUX Plastic & Wheel Coating
Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

Dr. Beasley's Intensive Brake Dust Remover

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