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A deep-penetrating revitalizer for interior plastic, Plastic Conditioner reintroduces moisture and nutrients to repair color and reduce cracking while adding UV inhibitors to protect against future sun damage. It's the perfect way to lock in the beautiful finish after using Dr Beasley's Interior CleanserMaximize the life of your interior plastic - get a tube today!

  •  Restores color, moisture and nutrients
  •  Inhibits UV fading and cracking
  •  Works on any interior plastic surface


Why Plastic Conditioner?

Plastic Conditioner is a rejuvenating, revitalizing and protective cleaner for interior plastic. But how do those features work

Rejuvenate and Moisturize Interior Plastic 

After a long enough time in the sun, your car’s interior plastic slowly starts to dry out, leading to a faded, cracked surface. That’s because the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the chemical bonds that make up your plastic’s color and structure, resulting in a loss of color and plasticity. Plastic Conditioner helps repair this by penetrating your plastic’s surface, reintroducing moisture and nutrients to restore color and pliancy. You’ll get a darker shade and a much less brittle surface, making your plastic look and feel like new.

Shield Against UV Damage

Plastic Conditioner doesn’t just repair UV damage – it protects against it too. Formulated with advanced UV inhibitors, Plastic Conditioner gives your interior surfaces a protective coating that absorbs and dissipates UV rays, ensuring they never get the chance to degrade your plastics’ color or structure. Instead, your interior plastic will maintain its look and feel over time, maximizing its lifespan so your car’s insides will look amazing for years to come.

Clean Without Making Plastic Greasy 

The worst thing about multi-purpose interior cleaners is the disgusting, oily sheen they leave over your plastic. Not only does it look gross, it also attracts and traps dust like a magnet. If you want to leave your plastic with a semi-gloss or matte sheen that doesn’t look slimy, Plastic Conditioner is the way to go. It’ll clean, nourish and protect your plastic without giving it that undesirable wet, oily finish, so your plastic will look great and won’t trap dust.

How Does It Work?

When massaged into an interior plastic surface, Plastic Conditioner penetrates to restore moisture and nutrients. During the several minutes of cure time, Plastic Conditioner imbues the plastic with protective UV inhibitors.

1. Shake well.
2. Squeeze a small amount onto a soft applicator.
3. Using applicator, massage into surface. Let sit for several minutes.
4. If product is fully absorbed in 10-15 minutes, a second coat is recommended.
5. Wipe excess conditioner down with cloth.


Additional Tips

For maximum results, first clean surface using Dr. Beasley’s Interior Cleanser.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

Dr. Beasley's Plastic Conditioner

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